{ m e m o r i e s }

They come out of nowhere.

I would be inhaling, searching for a quick moment of calm, after taking a test and a thought would drat across my mind. In the midst of a house cleaning session, my mind would wander and fall upon what I had forgotten of my past. My eyes would be closing at night as I snuggle beneath my covers, sleep tugging at my consciousness as thoughts begin to stampede through my mind as if it were a wasteland.

My memories are like songs that I hum all day yet I can’t remember the lyrics to. As I live my life, they filter through my mind, another memory emerging from the simplest act of brushing my teeth in the morning to when I receive terrible news that changes the perspective of my existence.

And some memories are unfinished. I remember little pieces but just finish to have me guessing as to how I should feel about it.

And no matter how much I wish I could forget everything sometimes, I’ve started to realize that my experiences are what make me who I am today.


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