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Once upon a time, there lived a girl who roamed her kingdom and stumbled upon a forest full of books and crowned herself queen…

I’m Han. 16. Muslim. Student. YA writer. Poet. Awkward potato.

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A little bit about me

  • I am a Muslim and wear a hijab and therefore, I am a hijabi ninja. *hijab flip*tumblr_nhk425yptw1sx6vbgo1_500serendipikitty
  • I have been obsessed with books since the 4th grade. During that year, I was enrolled into a class for foreign students learning English and my teacher read us The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner. I checked out the book from our school library and have been reading obsessively ever since.


  • I write poetry, short stories, and I won Nanowrimo for the first time in 2017. I wrote 50026 words/95 pages and I am currently preparing for rewriting my first *ever* draft.


  • I am a confused little potato who is finishing high school soon. As all little human beans are taught to aspire, I want to grow up and do something special. I want to change the world, even if by a little bit. And, I will start with something that I love: books and writing.


  • I am an avid fangirl and shall dedicate my lifelong career to it. Please, do not be afraid to flail and pterodactyl screech with me. I will happily join you and we shall be friends. Three words: Six of Crows and I’m there. Leigh Bardugo is my new favorite author.


  • I believe that representation matters and one day, I hope to be a published author of books featuring Muslim characters and portraying them as not only human, but also hilarious, well crafted, and beautiful people.

And, maybe it was the words. You know, those little things you said. You didn’t think they’d make a difference. But, I guess they did. Because, now they’re all I keep close to my heart. It wasn’t the amount that mattered, really, but the way you said them. As if there was no doubt in your mind that they were magic. – from me to you, because your writing matters and so do you ♥

Credit as is due

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